- Main Partner of the Firm.

- Off Counsel counselor of prestigious law firms such as "Fiorito & Asociados"; "Fargosi & Asociados"; "Basílico, Santurio, Cainzos y Fernández Abogados", among others.

- Counselor of public well fare entities and Non Governmental Organizations, e.g. "Cooperativa de Acción Social" (COAS) and "Conciencia".
Current Chairman of the Board of "Asociación de Teledifusoras Argentinas" (A.T.A.).

- Chairman of the Board (1991-2000) and counselor (1991 to this date) of Telefe S.A. (Channel 11).

- Author of numerous articles in legal publications, and newspapers and magazines such as Diario La Nación o las Revistas Gente y Somos.

- Professor at Salvador University. (1970 - 1976)

- Doctorate Degree in Criminal Sciences at Salvador University in the "Center for Criminal Studies Carlos Fontán Balestra". (1970)

- Law Degree obtained at Buenos Aires University School of Law. (1968)