At Fontán Balestra & Asociados the tradition and technology are joined up, as well as the academic knowledge and the dairy litigation at court. The practice of the law is understood not only as our profession but also as a service to the community and a contribution to the construction of a State based on Law.

After more than a hundred years devoted to the practice of Criminal Law, our Firm can be considered as an institution in the Argentine legal world. Founded by the end of the XIX century, the Firm has maintained a constant presence both in the academic and professional fields during all those years, regardless the diverse situations through which our country has gone.

However, the prestige we have today is not only due to our large trajectory. Ever since Dr. Juan Balestra knew how to amalgamate the best of the Argentine institutional traditions, and to join them with his performance as a public servant (Minister of Justice and Public Instruction) in the exemplar administration of 1890, the subsequent leaders of the Firm have hoisted the principles that have always led us: a strong academic preparation, our full commitment as professionals, and our independent way of proceeding as lawyers. To this date, all the members of this Firm strive to preserve and maintain these ideals.

Nowadays, the high level of preparation and expertise of all our lawyers allows us to firmly respond to the different problems brought to us, and we are prepared to deal with all kind of cases, from the simplest ones to the most demanding clients who look for our services seeking effective solutions to complex litigation lawsuits.